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· On Writing

I have always wanted to have a podcast. At least, ever since I knew a podcast was a thing that could be or one could possibly have. Before that, I was infatuated with radio serials like Box 13 and Lux Radio Theatre. I still can't get enough of the earnest advertisements for soap and cigarettes, the cleverness of foley artists, and the prickling anticipation of "and then what happened?"

And then, through the miracles of modern technology, that the storytelling I loved was at my fingertips and in my ears. It is a nearly infinite and searchable library of recordings -- some new in format and some so similar to this old-time radio shows.

As a writer, I choose each word so carefully, with the knowledge that reading on the page is a different experience than listening to it told. There are some turns of phrase that must be seen. But, there is also a rhythm and meter, a lyrical quality that only the author truly knows, as if written to a secret metronome. And when an author can read his or her story aloud, the pauses and whispers are all exactly where they are intended to be. The times I have read aloud to a crowd have provided a unique satisfaction.

So now I'm launching a podcast of my own -- an audio home for very short stories. I am new to it, and likely to make quite a few mistakes, but I'm optimistic that I will learn and improve over time. Just the way I hoped I've done on paper.

You can follow along my new podcast venture, and leave me a message with your thoughts (or story requests) at or on your favorite podcast platform.

I hope you'll join this new Story Coterie and wish me luck, too.