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    Candace Leigh Coulombe is a writer of lovely slipstream stories and amazing branded content.

  • Meet the story ace.

    I'm a writer who believes in the fierce economy of words and the value of infinite curiosity. It means that my night job, writing short fiction, is informed by both history's fascinating facts and boundless fantasy. In my day job, writing brand content, every word matters. I find fresh ways to communicate complex ideas better and faster.

    Candace Leigh Coulombe

    IG: thestoryace

    T: @storycote

  • stories for pleasure

    StoryCote is a columbary of tales I founded to make literary fiction free and accessible to all curious readers. In addition to the online library of fantastic flash fiction and modern fables, StoryCote publishes award-winning short story collections. Superb Beasts, a collection of slipstream stories, is slated for release in late 2019.


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  • stories for business

    StoryAce is my fresh take on brand storytelling and content strategy. With more than 15 years experience in copywriting and creative, I create brand platforms, compelling campaigns and purpose-driven content for organizations of every size.


    Contact me to learn more about StoryAce:

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